Uses Of Rubber Matting

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Rubber is one among the most versatile substances on the planet.You can find it in everything from tires to mechanical seals, conveyor belts to hosepipes, windscreen wipers, and wellies. Rubber is widely used due to its flexibility, waterproofness, hardwearing, chemical resistance, and resistance to oil and other damage.

These properties lend themselves to the world’s flooring. As such, here are top uses of rubber floor matting.

1) Stable Matting

Rubber stable matting is a favorite choice for livestock and horse owners. It provides insulation from concrete floors, reduces straw bedding, and provides some cushioning.

2) Anti-Fatigue Matting

Anti-Fatigue mats are much more comfortable than bare concrete floors. The softer material promotes blood flow and makes the leg muscles work harder without the user being aware.

3) Swarf mats

Are you working in manufacturing, food processing, or another industrial setting? Swarf mats are essential. Swarf mats can collect all types of small debris (swarf), including metal and plastic.

It keeps your site clean and tidy, and it also reduces the chance of employees falling or slipping.

Rubber is the best material for this type of matting. The tough, durable rubber can trap and scrape the swarf more effectively and metal and sharper swarf are easily dealt with.

4) Gym Mats

Your members shouldn’t think about their grip on the ground when they are lifting heavy loads. Rubber matting works well in this setting. It’s durable, comfortable, and offers good traction. Rubber matting is easy to put in – you can simply lay it down without glue or nails. You can also move the rubber matting as your space changes.

It is easy to keep your gym looking great. All you have to do is give the rubber a light scrub with some detergent. Rubber gym mats should be just as important as weights and treadmills in your gym setup.

5) Outdoor Door Mats

Rubber is the best choice for outdoor doormats. They should be durable, weatherproof, and provide a good grip.

Rubber matting for shopfronts and doors with high traffic can provide good traction and can also be used to clean up shoes.

6) Walkways

Non-slip mats are great for high-traffic walkways. Rubber can offer better traction in all weather conditions and is super durable so you don’t need to replace large amounts of matting as often.

This product is waterproof and resistant to chemicals and oils, which is a huge advantage. Spillages can be quickly cleaned up without leaving any marks or damage.

7) Work Surfaces and Worktops

Rubber matting can be used as a worktop lining in factories, workshops, and other manufacturing locations. Rubber matting, usually 3mm to 6mm thick, is used to line drawers and protect surfaces. It also reduces noise and prevents tools, components, and fixings from sliding or rolling off.

8) Commercial Kitchens

Professional kitchens are bound to produce food debris, including a piece of lettuce, a tomato cut-off, spilled sauce, or a tray full of food. Not only are there obvious hazards for slips and trips, but also the possibility of unseen food debris rotting, smelling, and attracting pests.

All of these problems can be eliminated with a well-designed rubber matting solution. This environment is critical for drainage, moisture control, swarf, and anti-fatigue. The rubber matting custom logo rugs solution makes it an easy choice for professional kitchen floors.

Rubber kitchen mats are also coated with antibacterial coatings to prevent the growth of harmful microbes. Grease splatters, oil, and grease-resistant nitrile rubber mats are also no problem.