Is water restoration important?

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Water can damage homes and businesses in many different ways to different materials. The severity of damage is determined after the water receded, evacuated and cleanup of buildings. Every home or business owner wants to return to their properties and rebuild so that they can resume their lives and businesses.

Whatever the reason of flooding is, water damaged building needs professional water damage restoration process for cleaning up and restoration from water damage to make them safe and comfortable for building occupants. Disaster Pros is an efficient and reliable water damage cleanup company, whose staff is hardworking and skilled to provide high-quality results.

But wood after submerging in water even for 24 hours, absorb water in large quantity and it is not possible to start repairing and rebuilding so soon. Reconstruction so soon after flood occurrence can various problems such as mold growth, unpleasant smell, deterioration of wooden floors and peeling of paint of walls and insect infestations.

Water damages different materials and objects in different ways. Water flooding is result of different situations and water type is classified in three categories.

Category 1

This type of water comes from clean, sanitary source such as broken drinking water pipes or sprinkler system or overflow of clean water or due to heavy rain. This type of water is safe for drinking or inhaling. It does not pose any immediate threat to people around it. It is called fresh water.

Category 2

This water is not suitable or safe for humans if consumed or come in contact with. It is contaminated and can cause sickness or discomfort on consumption. This water is contaminated with unsafe microorganisms and chemicals like detergents, diluted urine, leaking storage tanks and seepage from hydrostatic pressure. It is called gray water.

Category 3

This water is highly contaminated containing deadly pathogens and toxics. This type of water comes from sewage backup, flood water from rivers and sea, containing pesticides, debris and heavy metals. This type of polluted and unhygienic dirty water is deadly for people and destructible for property and contents. This type of water is called grey water.

Keep in mind that water of category 1 can turns into category 3 if left untreated for some time. Warm environment, moisture and enclosed places are ideal for the breeding of bacteria, viruses and organic pathogens. This situation becomes more hazardous and unsafe and makes the water restoration process expensive and time-taking.

Water mitigation and restoration

First of all, inspect the underlying causes of source of water damage and repair it to ensure its reoccurrence. Now the procedure of removal, cleanup, drying, deodorizing and sanitizing is done for complete elimination of moisture. Latest techniques and methods are used for the mitigation of water damage.

Now the restoration, repairing and rebuilding is done according to the conditions of the structure and interior of building. Walls, ceilings and floors are replaced and repaired. Upholstery of furniture is replaced, carpets, curtains and fabrics are washed, and wooden things, kitchenware, electronics and other valuable contents are restored as the situation demands.