How to move with the plants?

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It is natural for plant-loving people to get attached to the plants, and the prospect of moving to a new place could both be overwhelming and challenging for them. This is because of the excitement of creating a whole new space for their plants and the fact that there are plenty of plants they want to take with them, and the plants’ moving is a challenging task. But not when you have movers Des Moines to help you with the process of moving.

Simple tips to help you move with your plants along movers Des Moines

You can easily take help from the professionals and call them anytime to help you and your plants move to a new place. However, there are handy tips that you should know yourself too, so that the process of moving is more comfortable and less stressful for you and your plants.

  • Watering

It would help if you were very careful about the watering of the plants. You cannot be watering them on the day you have to move. It has to be done earlier, and you can dig the plants deep and then water them so that they can absorb the right amount of water and then put them in the shade and forget to water them. You can water the plants around three days earlier to your move. But it, of course, depends upon the weather conditions.

  • Use larger pots

Another thing to do is to place the actual pots into the pot larger in size. This will work as a shield for the inner pot and plant and prevent any damage to the base of the plant and the pot.

  • The shade is suitable for the plants.

In the whole process of mowing, watering, and planting, the plants should be kept in the shade and should not be exposed to the sunlight, even if it is the winter season. If you dig the pots’ plants and put them in the ground, you will provide them shade: the more shade, the better for the plants.

  • Cut them out

If you have any plans of giving the plants a trim, then this is the right time to do so when you are moving with the help of the movers Des Moines. This would be very beneficial because there would be fewer shoots and branches getting in your way.