Protecting Against Lead In Water

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Lead is one of the natural elements found in Earth’s crust in small amounts. Unfortunately, there is no safe level of lead for humans. There are many lead products that we are surrounded with such as soil, lead-based paint, food, pottery, and even drinking water. As per the reports, large amounts of lead can cause many health issues. This metal is even more harmful to young children.

How Does Lead Get To The Tap Water?

The question is how lead gets to your tap water and the answer is that lead is in the environment and can be found in soil, air as well as water. You should know that most lead contamination comes from different human activities like the use of fossil fuels, gasoline, paint, and factories. But how it gets to your tap water? Well, the lead that is released in the air usually tends to travel distance ending up in solid or water supply. As lead tends to merge into the drinking water it tends to corrode the pipes.

Remember, it is unhealthy to drink lead-infused water.

How To Remove Lead From Water?

If you are in doubt whether your water contains lead or not, it is important that you get your water analyzed from any of the certified laboratories. The good news, however, is that lead can easily be removed from drinking water using some simple water filters. There are 3 water filtration systems that work perfectly when it comes to lead removal. These 3 methods include – reverse osmosis, activated carbon filtration, and distillation.

In case you need to know which system would work best for you, you must consult professionals like Paragon Water. The experts can not only help you remove lead from your drinking water but can also install it properly.

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