6 Onboarding Practices Every Company Should Adhere To

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As much as an employee is excited (and under a bit of pressure) to prove his or her best on the first day, the company also has an onus towards the newbie to show that you are happy to have him or her on board. Interesting onboarding practices are the need of the hour. Welcoming a new employee in an interesting and effective manner ensures a strong and long term bond between new joiners and the organization. You must be well aware of the fact that recruiting isn’t easy. It takes hack of time and energy to find the right fit for your company. However, there is something which is a lot more difficult than recruiting and that is to retain the employee. As per study done by Equifax, surprisingly, more than 50% of the employees voluntarily leave their organization within first few months of their employment. One of the reasons for such poor statistics is wrong or no onboarding practices. Onboarding practices are associated with making new hires adjust to the work and social aspects of the organization quickly and in a hassle free manner. While the HR professionals get started with the recruitment process, their work continues with onboarding task followed by employees’ retention practices. They are very much familiar with the importance of onboarding because they understand its advantages. After all, first impression is the last impression! If you agree with above then here are six onboarding practices for any company that it should adhere to for its long term benefits:- Communicate before day 1 The gap between the acceptance of job offer and the first day should not result into communication gap. There must be coordination w.r.t what the new employee can expect on his or her first day in the company. Motto is to keep the new joinee informed that what will be coming on his or her way on the first day (or week). It will prepare the newbies and reduce their stress of joining. You can brief them up on how the organization functions and what will be expected from them on the day of joining. This mini communication will boost them up and they will come to the office all geared up, prepared and ready to work. Make day 1 memorable The first day should be such that the employee can count upon the days coming in future. A boring first day will leave a negative impression of the company and might make the newbie pack the bags within probation period. There are many ways in which the first day can be made memorable such as by giving the new joinee an office tour, introducing him or her to everybody at once or individually, greet with a memorable gift, etc. Also, introducing an employee to the amenities and facilities available such as parking, canteen, tea break, long break, et al forms part of it. Invite suggestions from new joinee The new employees come with a new set of ideas and perspective. They might have something different to contribute for the betterment of the organization. They may not open up about it at first but on finding a positive and leading environment around, they can bring value to the organization with their feedback. There are online HRMS softwares which help you in recording and reporting the feedback via questionnaires, surveys, etc. Welcome with all purpose kit There is a lot on the plate of the manager and HR on the first day of the new hire and it is obvious if things get lost. However, the question under consideration is, ‘Is it acceptable?’ No. Right? There an all purpose kit comes under picture. Also known as ‘welcome kit’, such a kit consists of a notepad, pen, FAQs, and necessary documents consisting of company policies & values, etc that a new hire might need now or then. Introduce to one and all New job. New tasks. New deadlines. New people. All of it coming together can be quite intimidating for the new employee. The job, tasks and deadline are ongoing things and therefore, first thing that should be done is introducing the joiner to everyone. After all, a warm welcome from team members is irreplaceable. Such an initiative from the organization makes the joiner feel close to all the employees as well as organization on large scale. It will make the new hire feel comfortable and that everyone is easily approachable. Be clear about the expectations Time is valuable for both, employee and the organization. A lot of time goes in assigning a task, reviewing it if it has been done properly. It can be done initially but it isn’t possible every now and then. Therefore, it is better to make the employee aware of his or her responsibilities from day one. It will help the new joinees make their own strategies to meet the deadlines and expectations. The short term and long term goals can be set and employees’ progress can be tracked w.r.t the same. HRMS software comes handy for this task. It helps in tracking the performance, at a later point of time even the data can be used for reviewing employees’ performance, and see if they need a helping hand with work. The above mentioned points are only few on the ‘effective onboarding practices’ list. We are sure there must be more to it. So, if your organization follows a different onboarding practice or you have anything to contribute to above, let us know.