How to Reach Hospital After Landing in India from Uzbekistan?

Medical Services

Medical tourism in India has flourished through the decade because of the advanced technology and highly experienced doctors that make sure to give their best possible treatment. Moreover, the government has realized the importance of the medical tourism and now provides a number of services and facilities to the patient and their family. Medical tourists seeking treatment in India are continuously increasing due to the high end treatments at affordable cost. Also, India does not give much hassle to visiting patients from other nationalities. Uzbekistan is one of the most common foreign seekers that travel to India to get treated in different fields. Every year the government issues a huge number of medical visas to India from Uzbekistan for many non-exhaustive ailments. The patients granted a visa must be visiting only for treatment purposes that too, in recognized and specialized hospitals in India. There is no dearth of multi-speciality hospital offering world class treatment. The patient seeking medical attention has to contact the hospital they want to come to or a medical provider from that hospital before taking further steps. He or she must look into the treatment and reputation of the hospital so that they are before hand aware of the hospital. Moreover, while looking into getting treatment in a foreign country you must talk to the doctor (or a number of doctors) to get the confidence on the treatment. Usually, there is a dedicated team of medical specialist and executives who deal with international patient and take care of their needs even before he/she arrives in India. The counseling begins from the very start a patient posts his/her query via mail. Once you arrive here in India you will meet your assistant who will assist you all along your treatment procedure and will help you in completing all legal formalities. Some of the important steps that a medical tourist must follow before applying for the visa are: Researching about the treatment plan of various hospitals to get the basic gist. Consulting the doctor about the treatment and clear the doubts about the treatment. Finding a medical tourism provider that would assist you from obtaining the visa to returning back home. A patient is allowed only two medical attendants with him or her during his/her stay in the country. He or she is guided through every step of the legal procedure through the tourist assistance provided by the hospital or their service provider. In fact, the government has now started certified online portals where the patient or their family can send queries and the consultant contacts them in forty eight hours. Once the patient reached India he or she has to register themselves at the FRRO (foreign regional registration office). The FRRO deals with all the official records and services of the patient like administration, arrival, stay, departure and extension of the visa. The patient and his or her family are guided through the whole registration process so that they won’t face any problems after. Normally, your medical service provider guides you to the journey from airport to the regional office before taking you to the hospital. It is a lengthy procedure so they will be there to help you throughout. This ease and assistance is one more reason that medical tourism in India flourished so rapidly. The hospitals have expert translators so that the patient and their family can understand the treatment correctly and can have faith in the doctor as well as the treatment. Besides this, a specialized team of doctors and nurses are assigned at your case to provide a twenty four seven hour service.