Proper Etiquette at the Funeral Home


Most people don’t regularly attend funerals so don’t have funeral home etiquette. Thus, when these people must attend the funeral of a loved one, they’re unsure of the proper way to act or handle themselves while paying their respects to the deceased. While it’s hopeful you won’t need these tips any time in the near future, use the information below when attending a funeral so you never feel out of place.

Introduce Yourself

If you knew the deceased but not the family, introduce yourself upon arrival at the funeral home. Introducing yourself is a simple sign of respect that the family will appreciate. If you do know the family, make sure you approach them and offer your condolences for their loss.

Sign in the Guest Book

A guest book is found at the entrance of any funeral homes barrington nj. This is used as a log for the family to use to keep in mind those who attended the funeral. When signing the guestbook, it is up to you to decide how to include the names of the family. Most sign with the name of the head of household and the words ‘& family’ but it is up to you to decide how you’ll sign.

What to Wear to a Funeral

Tradition says that a dress from head to toe should be worn to a funeral. While many people adhere to such a dress code, it isn’t necessary to wear all black to a funeral. However, keep in mind this is a sad day for most people at the funeral home, so soft, subtle colors are best to wear during this somber day.

Send Flowers to the Funeral Home

Flowers always say what words cannot and when someone has lost a family member or friend, they need that extra pat on the shoulder to help them make it through the day. They’re expected at a funeral. Show your respect to the deceased by sending a vase of flowers to be delivered to the funeral home.

Pay Your Respects to the Deceased

Upon arrival at the funeral home, it is important that you pay respect to the deceased by viewing the casket and standing by it for a few moments of time. Many people use this time to reflect upon the person’s casket, attire, or e collect on special memories they shared with the person. You can decide how long you view the deceased at the casket but make sure you take the time to view the body when you arrive.

Use the information above the next time you need to attend a visitation at a funeral home so that you have proper etiquette down pact. Everyone at the funeral home will appreciate the etiquette and respect that you show during this difficult time in their life. Plus, you’ll feel more comfortable when you fit in with the crowd at the funeral home.