Everything You Need to Know About Building Design

Career Development

The design of buildings is an area in which the majority of us have an interest in whether it is a passing interest or a desire to create your own buildings. Setting out on a course of action to learn as much about building design as possible could lead to a relatively simple task such as the chance to before moving on to something more difficult. You may not have the time or resources to take a full-time architecture course but there are a few steps you can take to learn as much as possible about building design.

Learn from the Greats

If learning all about building design is your goal, where better a place to start your journey than with one of the great architects and designers of all time, Le Corbusier. A good starting point if you are looking for an introduction into the complexities of architecture is Geoffrey Baker’s “An Analysis of Form.” This book details Le Corbusier’s work and how it has shaped the modern approach to architecture dominating the present.

Take a Course

We all know the cost and length of some of the top architecture schools in the world but there are opportunities to explore the content created by leading schools for free. Top schools, such as Harvard and MIT have been offering some of their courses online to try and develop an interest in architecture and building design without asking for payment. The choices include picking certain aspects of design to discover or completing a certificate of achievement at TU Delft.

Other schools are also throwing open their doors to those interested in building design to allow you the opportunity to explore their courses in Online form as they are taught to full-time students. MIT and Harvard have come together to create their EdX platform which opens for registration with each semester at these schools, which is similar to the Open Online Academy initiative which has become a hit around the world.

Join Social Media Groups

Have you ever wondered how you can interact with architecture students and experts around the world? One of the social media platforms which have become one of the most impressive and effective in the 21st-century for design students and experts is Pinterest. The ability to store photos and plans regarding home and commercial building design is one of the main aspects of Pinterest which attracts us all to join and become active members of this platform.

Work on a Design

The most important part of learning about building design is to put it into practice with the aid of your new found knowledge. Building design plans, such as a metal carport provide a good starting point to working on plans you can complete and gain feedback on with ease.