Cleanup service sewage disaster

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Flooding not only causes extensive water damage to a building but it also causes sewage backup from sanitary lines into houses. This waste water carrying waste material, virus, bacteria and hazardous pathogens not only causes disastrous damage to building and contents but also cause risky health issues. This creates nasty mess in your house and unbearable to stay.

Sewage backup is considered an emergency situation because of its harmful effects on health and need immediate action for help from disaster cleanup service. These disaster cleanup services have special training and equipment to deal with contaminated sewer water quickly and safely. They use safety gear, masks, gloves and shoes while performing cleaning procedure.

The polluted water and toilet overflow not only produce foul smell but it ruins your property, sanitary system and household items like furniture, carpets, cabinets and many others. Because of pollution and waste materials, your building and things need professional cleaning treatment and restoration.

Cleanup services use advanced technology and cleaning solutions to proper cleaning of soiled contents and areas. They remove unsalvageable objects and dispose them in safe way. For extensive cleaning they apply anti-microbial agents and deodorizers to mitigate hazardous microbes and bacteria. They use strong disinfectants to kill harmful sewage mess while adhering to safety guidelines and health regulations.

These sewage cleaning professionals have knowledge and experience to handle every type of sewer water backup to toilet over flow and they pay attention to every detail of cleaning and disinfecting and deodorizing the objects, areas and atmosphere to perfection.

After arriving at affected area, the cleaning team does inspection of the situation and decides the type of contaminated water. They check the source of water to decide the appropriate plan of cleanup action. There are 3 types of contaminated water.

Clean water

Water coming from clean water supply lines is clean water and it is not harmful for health but causes damage to building and contents easily and speedily. But this water can turn into category 2 or 3 if left untreated for a period of time.

Grey water

Water coming from washing machine or dishwasher is considered grey water and it is harmful for health as well as for area and contents. They may contain detergent, dirt, virus and bacteria and can cause allergies, discomfort and illness. This can easily turn into black water.

Black water

Black water is the most contaminated water coming from rivers or streams through flood or toilet overflow containing feces and urine or standing water which can cause severe illness or even death if inhaled. This water may contain harsh chemical, microbes, hazards and waste materials can cause contagious diseases.

Sometimes the septic tanks of buildings stop functioning and overflow, flooding waste water into your yard can cause severe messy damage. Cleanup service can provide safe cleaning, repairing of your septic tank for normal functioning and safe disposal of wastes.

They do inspection to check whether the sewer backup is due to broken sanitary pipes then repair or replacement is done also.