How to get over a breakup


alt – Get over a breakup.

Being in love sure is amazing. It makes you happy and content. And that’s why breakups hit us hard. Getting over a breakup is not easy for some people. Some people don’t even feel sad after a breakup, they just continue to live their lives normally. If you’re not one of them, but you’re one of those who go through a tough time after a relationship ends, we have some tips for you on how to get over a breakup.

Talking to somebody is important

Talking is the best way to let your sadness out. Us humans have this amazing ability that other species don’t have and we should use it all the time. Talking to basically anyone at this point can help you heal much faster. This can be your friend, a stranger, or a therapist. Anyone you feel comfortable talking to will be there for you during this time. People who love and care about you don’t want to see you hurting and if talking to them will make you feel better they will do their best to listen to you and to give you some advice and comfort. Pets can also help reduce anxiety and depression, so if you don’t have a pet, you might want to start considering getting one.

Don’t stay inside a lot

Being inside won’t help you heal. You need to spend some time outside with your family and friends. There are plenty of outdoor activities you can do together. You don’t even have to be doing a lot. Just taking a walk in the park can be helpful. This is going to get your mind off of the breakup. Being in nature and breathing fresh air is good for both your physical and your mental health. Especially if you’re doing it with the people you love. But sometimes being alone is much better.

Stay active

While you’re spending time outside either alone or with friends, try to do some outdoor activities. Hiking, riding a bike, yoga, and many other activities are great for staying in shape and keeping your mind clean. Physical activity makes us feel better about ourselves which is exactly what you need when you’re getting over a breakup. Swimming is a very therapeutic sport. It relaxes us in a way no other sport does so try going to the beach or to the public pool.

Have fun

It’s not only important to go outside for walks and workouts. You also need to go out with your friends. If you’re not the type of person to go clubbing and dancing, you can go have a drink or two in a bar. But we think that dancing your sadness away is the best way to go. So even if you don’t feel like dancing, go out and try to have a fun night in the club.

Throwing a party at home is also an option. All your friends will come and they might bring some more people who you find interesting and fun. As you can see for yourself, socializing after a breakup is very important. You can’t be alone all the time because it will only make you sadder and getting over a breakup that way will last for a long time.

Find a new hobby

You have to keep your mind occupied at all times. A great way to do this is to find a new hobby. This can be anything. Photography, drawing, singing, reading. Anything that makes you feel comfortable and busy. This is also going to get your creative juices flowing which is great for dealing with sadness. A lot of masterpieces have been created by somebody who was sad at the time. You never know, you might create something amazing.

Dating apps

Dating apps aren’t a good way to meet a lot of people you are going to click with but they sure are fun when you want to grab a bite with someone new. But staying away from dating apps the first few weeks after the breakup is a good idea. Hopping on these apps right away can lead to a lot of bad decisions you might regret. Plus, it’s never good to start dating somebody else right after a breakup. This can hurt both you and the person you are dating which is a situation you definitely want to avoid.

Don’t text or call your ex

Being in touch with your ex is definitely not a good idea. This is only going to create an illusion in your mind that you will be back together even though it would be a wrong thing to do. No matter how attached you are to your ex, still talking to them after the relationship is over is not a good idea. Give yourself some time to get over your ex-partner and then try to talk to him/her if you feel like that is something you need. Maybe when you two clear your heads you get back together.

Start over in a different city

A lot of people handle breakups very hard. A good way to get over a breakup fast is to move to a different city. This is going to motivate you, to keep your mind entertained and your life busy. And what is one of the best places for starting over in the US? New York, of course. One of the biggest and most diverse cities in the world. Moving to New York is easy with Brooklyn Movers New York. So, if you feel like this is a necessary step in your recovery process we think you should go for it.


If you can’t afford to move to another city, you definitely can afford a weekend getaway somewhere where you’ve never been to before. Traveling is the best medicine for all the problems in life. It makes you feel better and you will be learning new things. No matter how far you go, it will always be fun if you are going with someone you love.